C.F.G. It was founded more than 50 years ago by a family of operators that know the market needs and develop new technologies for the problems of filtration.
Pursuing ambitious goals today C.F.G. is a leader in the plastics filtration sector.

Our production of filters and gaskets is made with technologically advanced machines such as laser cutting, die-cutting machines and automatic trances guaranteeing quality and precision.

C.F.G. develops and manufactures any type of filter or gasket required by the market, realizing molds with modern numerically controlled machine tools. We produce molds for shearing both in pitch and block and also molds for rubber and plastic materials (injection and blowing).

Our company offers a spare parts service for textile machines in all its mechanical and electrical components.

Satisfaction is ours, because it is the result of a rational alchemy, a skilful job supported by the maximum experience and expertise of our operators, I am also pleased to be able to provide you with a very high quality product every day.