Tecnoplast interviews Alessandro Colombo

Alessandro Colombo, our CEO, was interviewed by Marco Mastrosanti, for TecnoPlast Magazine, a digital magazine focused on plastics and elastometer industry.

The main topic was the PLAST exhibition, held in Milan between September 5 and 8, this year.
Plast was a long-awaited event, especially because of the cancellation of its previous edition during the pandemic.

This year, with a net exhibition area of 50,000 m², PLAST 2023 was reconfirmed as a successful event.

How was the fair?

If we consider the slowdown imposed by the market in recent years, we can positively interpret both the influx of visitors and, above all, their interest. 38,000 guests, with an international presence of 26% and the representation of 109 countries, is certainly a very good sign of recovery.

The European presence prevails (63.89%), immediately followed by Asia (20.22%) and Africa (7.58%), America (7.56%) and Oceania (0.75%).

The dates of the Fair have been much criticized

Placing a Fair at the beginning of September is never an optimal choice but, as Mario Maggiani, general manager of Promaplast, the company that organized the event, said, “the post-Covid fair calendar revolution left no other solution.”

Who were the “stars” at your booth?

We presented the latest products of our range: laser filters and precision mechanical production. The interest and inquiries they aroused were really remarkable, and we are very pleased with that. It is still early to make future market forecasts but, at the moment, the balance is positive.